Sustainability at Mount Veeder Winery

Sustainability at Mount Veeder Winery
At Mount Veeder Winery, we believe in more than just producing exceptional wines. We stand firm in our commitment to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that we craft the best wines today and pave the way for a better, greener tomorrow.

Responsible Water Use
Water is the lifeblood of any vineyard. We understand its significance and, more importantly, its scarcity. Our commitment to responsible water use is showcased through:
  • Drought-tolerant rootstock: Specifically chosen for their ability to thrive even when water is scarce.
  • Minimal irrigation: Our vineyards rely heavily on limited water access, ensuring that every drop is used judiciously.
  • Recycled water: All water we use is recycled and fed back into the vineyards, ensuring zero wastage.
Encouraging Biodiversity
Diverse ecosystems lead to healthier vineyards. At Mount Veeder, our efforts to promote biodiversity include:
  • Natural predators: By allowing them to thrive, we let nature keep our vineyards pest-free.
  • Plant-specific cover crops: These crops nourish the soil and help control pests.
  • Wildlife corridors: We've built pathways for wildlife to move freely, ensuring their habitats remain undisturbed.
Limiting the Use of Synthetic Chemicals
Healthy vineyards don't need chemicals. That's why our approach leans heavily on:
  • Organic compost: For nourishment without the harmful side effects.
  • Integrated pest management: Instead of relying on chemicals, we use natural ways to deter pests.
Incorporating these practices, our vineyards produce wines that are delightful to the senses and kind to Mother Earth. And if you're curious about tasting sustainability in a glass, we suggest the 2017 Rosenquist Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2018 Reserve Red Blend. These wines are crafted from vineyards that benefit from our championed sustainable practices.

Mount Veeder isn't just a winery; it's a testament to what's possible when passion for wine intersects with love for the planet. Join us in celebrating this beautiful synergy, one sip at a time.