Wines With Altitude

Our Mount Veeder vines speak a language all their own. Becoming fluent in that language, fully understanding all its subtleties and nuances, is the trick to making great wine from mountain vineyards.


We make wine at Mount Veeder Winery in the spirit of adventure that led our founders, the Bernsteins, to go up Mount Veeder in the first place. At a time when planting vineyards on the valley floor was a daring endeavor, growing grapes up here, above the cloud line, was downright audacious. The gamble paid off. Though the farming is laborious, as it must be done by hand, and the yields can be heart-breakingly low, the wines from our Mount Veeder estate vineyards are, in a word, captivating. Energetic, bold, and layered, our wines are inspired by the wild beating heart of the mountain at their core. At Mount Veeder Winery, we have been championing wines with altitude for 50 years.